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Windows XP SP3 AERO XTREME 2009 (LIVE) |659 MB

Windows XP SP3 AERO XTREME 2009 (LIVE) |659 MB

Language : Turkish .Use the tut include rar file to change to english
.. Dreams of Freedom! ..

~ ~ ~ ~ System Information
Size: 659 MB
Version: 1.3 (FINAL)
Producer: secret + +
Status: Installed

Windows XP AERO XTREME 2009 (LIVE) operating system is a unique design with imagination to explore specific Customize your uniqueness.
Unique interface designed entirely by us and forget to live you know the theme. Novel design of the start menu, task bar, copy, improved display, dock menu, the new WMP11 view, such as green toolbar Turkish great visual discrimination, especially in the peak exit.

Edilen Integrated Program and Some Additional Features

Microsoft Net Framework TR (1.1SP1 - 2.0SP2 - 3.0SP2 - 3.5SP1)
Microsoft Silverlight v2.0.31005
Winrar 3.80 TR
IE 7 + Updates
WMP11 + Updates
YouTube Input Plug
New Windows Sounds changed Featured
Aero Cursor (Manual Selection)
Custom Wallpaper + New 112 Piece Screensavers

-Each Daimler Current and smooth
.. Windows XP AERO XTREME (LIVE) operating system in a certain period (approximately 3-4 months) the new versions will be published on our site.
In this way, the new version equipped with the latest updates, while protecting your timeliness, but also the problems encountered in previous versions and additional plugins, enhanced features, the system will reach the maximum performance …
Windows XP AERO XTREME (LIVE) operating system is set up using the original SP3 and SP3 integrated updates until ten the next JANUARY 2009 created a xp-based operating system. Full Sun to sell the package to the problem without the additional trouble you can use your computer.
Operating system settings have been made to enable and authenticity, and in doing so, Microsoft software products that require authentication and can use the privileges until the end ..

-You Make It Personal
.. Windows XP AERO XTREME (LIVE) operating system gives users unlimited freedom. During the installation of the operating system and configuration settings, user name, region and language options, such as the keyboard layout according to your settings manually can enter your personal information ..
Information: CD-KEY is integrated in the operating system. Therefore, this option is no personalization settings ..

-La Meet the New Dock
Circular dock menu from your computer .. you can drag any shortcut, so you can provide faster access. You can also delete the shortcut, and this round you have added your own dock menu you can customize according to taste completely ..

-To lead to Fark
.. We have prepared a unique “live” theme and perform a miracle. Ease of use as well as the growing increase in the door of the transparent aero ..
Now with the new design of the new task bar, clear lines have been designed with the new start menu, closing the screen, improved copy, display, side bar, the new WMP11 view as well as new features, enjoy, while at the same time redesigning the green toolbar with a single action from the menu to perform ..

-To get the Windows 3D Flip
.. 3D Flip feature, to navigate between open windows and the window you want to work quickly to find and to select, you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse ..
Information: To make the transition to the 3D Flip feature:
“Win” press and hold the button and switch to 3D feature several times until the “TAB” button basin.

-Installation of new screen
.. With the operating system setup screen of the new setup
Learn all the necessary details ..

-One folder from the menu Access
.. Round dock menu, such as new private Turkish toolbar is the easiest way for many new actions to perform, especially ..
.. Excellent Closing Button
.. The redesigned with colorful transparent closing button to make a difference ..

-The System Properties screen Unique Interface
.. .. Now you know, forget the more different ..

-Novel Design of the Opening-Closing Screen
.. Multiple users opening-closing the screen with suitable designed for ease of use live ..

-System Design with New Toolbar
.. The redesigned green one from the menu on the toolbar to perform this action ..

-Custom Wallpaper and Screensavers
.. AERO XTREME operating system 112, with custom wallpaper and screen saver different Enrich your desktop ..

-System Requirements
.. AERO XTREME operating system, RAM, and 268 after setting up all driver .. 0 processor to consume maximum performance by closing some applications and will reach speeds ..
.. INFORMATION: Performance for expansion “in Topics General Questions and Answers” (12) to see ..
Installation and download all information about CD printing partlardaki “READ-SETUP” file is given .. And READ! ..

Screens : PreView 1
download link : for USA, Germany, UK, Canada, Australia, Russia,EU.


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