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Linux Ubuntu Serenity Unnattended DVD June 2009

Linux Ubuntu Serenity Unnattended DVD June 2009| 1.99 GB Author : rebelde hi guys this is linux serenity that i made for the intel atom platform. can be use either in amd or intel hardware.this is ready to run out of the box nothing need it. links for dl will post it in the weekend.made by rebelde. Notes: after installing this os the default wallpaper will be the brown ubuntu, i left it like this so you can see is base in to change this go to system/preference/appeareance, a window will open and look for ubuntu-sunrise and apply it and there are 2 docks install the one you see is gnome and is set by default if you want to use cairo dock them go to applications/system tools/ubuntu tweak and click on it. a window will open and scroll down to startup and them to autostart and uncheck the box next gnome do,them close ubuntu tweak. next go back to applications/system tools/and either click on cairo dock (non gl) or glx dock (cairo with open gl) if you want compiz and all its candy hehe. this has everything you need i even add it a dj program if you want to make your own mixes.will begin soon working on version 2 which will be more high tech and support blu-ray out the box.after you begin using this os will see how easy i made it for the novice, enjoy it mates let me know how you like it rebelde. ps also check the games out. For ALL Peoples

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