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Erotic Ghost – Siren (2004) DVDrip 18++ | 900.5MB

Erotic Ghost – Siren (2004) DVDrip 18++ | 900.5MB

Aka ............: Erotic Ghost – Siren/ Shin yojo densetsu : seiren
Year ………: 2004
Country ……… : Japan
Language .........: Japanese
Subtitle(s) ......: English
Film Genre .......: Erotica/Horror/Action
Audio Bitrate ....: 128 kbps
Video Runtime ......: 82mins
Director : Satoshi Torao
Cast : Sora Aoi, Junichi Kawamoto, Yuken Yoshida, Hideaki Mizuki, Shintaro Wada, Kazuyoshi
Yaguchi(Junichi Kawamoto) succeeded 1.5million dollar of bank robbery with fellows who he met at a race track. They start talking about the way they would use money while they are escaping. No one knows their real name and age. It’s only the bonds of criminals but after the big success they were too elated. However, Chucky remained silent, and then Yaguchi realized that 1.5million dollar isn’t enough for 5 of them to live like a dream. On the way to the hiding place, Yumi who is delivering food and alcohol saw them carrying money and guns. Yaguchi tied her up and kidnapped. 48 hours until they escape the country. Some guys start dying unnaturally after trying to touch Yumi. Even the delivery man who came to deliver fake passport was absorbed in Yumi. What is this naked girl’s power!?

Erotic Ghost – Siren (2004) DVDrip 18++

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