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Windows XP SP3 X-TEAM Group SATA 2009 v5

Windows XP SP3 X-TEAM Group SATA 2009 v5 | 698 MB
This assembly is built on the original image of Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 Russian version, with all the updates on April 24, 2009!
Decoration in the style of cat. New! WPI, now to decide what needs to be integrated into our operating system.
Checksums image:
CRC32: 40C55EB0
MD5: 4EF86DD826B180C0DA65160B1A5C9252
SHA-1: C08CD2DAC145BF18EDB3C8C3A7A49140CE490C73
Assembling released at the personal request of the author and do for themselves. Because of all of the software author is not responsible. Assembling the available “as is” and download on your own volition and at their own risk.
WARNING! This assembly provided to you solely for information purposes. All rights to specific products belong to their copyright holders. If you used the software of the assembly, it means that you are a holder of a license or remove these products after a trial period of use. For offenses relating to the unlicensed use of the product on the disc, by the assembly is not responsible.

System requirements:
Requires a PC equipped with a processor with a clock speed of 256 MHz or higher;
recommended a family of 300 MHz Intel Pentium / Celeron, AMD K6/Athlon/Duron family or compatible processor with them.
• Memory
The recommended amount of RAM – 512 MB or more (minimum allowable – 256 MB, while productivity may be limited and some features)
• Hard Drive
Requires 10 GB of free disk space (the used space on your hard drive depends on the configuration, for custom installation may require more or less disk space)
• Drive
A DVD-ROM drive
• Other Devices
Keyboard and mouse (Microsoft), or compatible pointing device
• Monitor resolution of 800/600 or higher
• Video Card – 32 MB


Total Download:

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