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Windows XP SP3 Alternative v2.9 (June 2009) | 523.14 Mb

Windows XP SP3 Alternative v2.9 (June 2009) | 523.14 Mb

The modified assembly of the Russian corporate licensed versions Windows XP Professional SP3. Integrate all the available updates, new interface, automatic installation after selecting a section accelerated the total work system may update from Microsoft.

Year: 2009

Version: 2.9

Developer: Microsoft

Platform: x86 (32bit)

Compatibility with Vista: No

Language: Russian only

Tabletka: Not required


:::::::Change Language for XP:::::::


if this version not is english ,

you can change to English or your language :

How to change Language to English start control panel region and language options (globe shaped icon)

if in classic view

click date, time,region and language options (globe shaped icon)

click region and language options (globe shaped icon)

change both address bars to english

click ok

failing that you might be able to download the english language files from microsoft

PS it is usual procedure in untouched XP

google more about Multilingual User Interface (MUI) Pack installation. (muisetup.exe)

More info:

Integrate all the critical updates on the release date (updated OS, Internet Explorer 6), as well as the following software:

- Adobe Flash Player ActiveX and Plugin (to view Flash animations in Internet Explorer and other applications, including all popular web browsers – Opera, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Chrome, Safari, etc.);

- Direct X for March;

- Microsoft. NetFramework 1.1 SP1% 2BRus LangPack% 2B after entering the system is installed 2.0 SP2% 2BRus LangPack

- A set of libraries on almost all occasions;

- Microsoft Visual C% 2B% 2B 2005 SP1% 2B Microsoft Visual C% 2B% 2B 2009 SP1;

- Defragmentator system files “(SysInternals Page Defrag);

- Utility (system service) UPHClean, which provides a valid off-loading a user profile;

- Windows Media Player 11 with all updates

- ICCD Smart Card Driver in Windows Feature Pack for Storage 1.0 (KB952013) – adds Windows XP support for ICCD smart cards;

- KB955704 – adds support for Windows XP file system exFat;

- Inclusion of policy support Raid 5.

Integrated drayverpak MassStorage, to ensure the installation of assembly for notebook computers and not just

Additional applets in the Control Panel:

- Setting the ClearType – Install anti-aliasing of fonts;

- Tweak UI – a tool from MS to configure the system;

- Startup – ability to disable and delete startup programs.

Additions in the contextual menu and patches:

- CDClose – Adds a menu of drives, click “Close”;

- HashTab v1.1.4 – Displays heshi MD5, SHA-1 and CRC-32 in the properties file;

- Unlocker – utility to delete, move and rename files and folders that can not be removed by conventional means – in the “Send”

- The “Close” from the context menu, the drive;

- Tab “Checksums” in the properties file (HashTab);

- Patch to increase the limit of simultaneous incomplete (half-open) connections TCP / IP c 10 to 100;

- Patch for use unsigned themes;

- To completely disable DEP;

- Removed the message that appears on every boot after changing anything in MSConfig.

- Patch to enable the use of the registry key SfcDisable = 0xFFFFFF9D to be able to fully turn off the system file protection SFC (WFP).


- Design, similar to Windows Vista (Aero-Blue);

- Topics: VistaCG, Royale (Energy Blue), Luna Element, AeroBlue, Azenis2;

- Beautiful wallpaper;

- 5 circuits cursors: Blue Arrow, Chaninja, Grey, Vista Aero, Mac OS X;

- 8 screensaver;

- Added font Calibri, SegoeUi, and also replaced the standard for analogs of Windows Vista;

- Аватарки;

- Logo of your processor in the “System Properties”;

- Gauge HDD, Flash, network drives;

Also replaced the standard for similar sounds from Windows Vista.

Because the system has removed the following components:

- Install from the system / upgrade from previous versions of operating system (available only to “clean” install)

- Non-use during the installation and continued operation of the system files;

- Tour familiarity with Windows;

- OOBE – the component that is used to activate and create users when you first log into the system;

- Examples of the sounds, the standard screen savers, pictures, etc.;

- The game “Pinball”

- MSN Messenger (optional via Windows Update);

- A desktop background (Plastering, Green Stone, Rhododendron, etc);

- Animated aides to find;

- NetMeeting;

- Clock.avi, yahoo.bmp, swtchbrd.bmp;

- The Desktop Cleanup Wizard.

The difference between this release of 2.8F:

- Patched a few files to change the design, applied the patch, when the themes are not applied hands Index (Link, Hand), returned to the old versions screensaver Bubbles, Mistify, Ribbons (as variants of Windows 7 will not run on XP)

- Another way to determine the DVD in hand (earlier if there is card / blank disc at certain stages of return errors)

- When you first log into the system is turned off and the conductor to call Task Manager (Protection :-) ). When a shell – to be accurately known, that the installation of the final;

- Perepakovany installation Visual C% 2B% 2B in one pack

- Removed utility PRIO (Process Priority Saver, you can download it separately at

Other minor but useful changes =)

Recommended System Requirements:

Processor 300 MHz or higher

RAM 128 MB RAM or higher

Video adapter and monitor Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher resolution

Free space on HDD 1.5 GB or higher

Checksums image:

MD5: D763C6E25F91CDBF2C2B8965DB26BA1E

SHA-1: 53FDEC5A4BA38FE1FE7A7380631F50DCDB3E5904


Size: 523.14 Mb


Total Download:

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