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Windows Vista Ultimate x64 August 08 - Performance Edition

Windows Vista Ultimate x64 August 08 - Performance Edition
Original Size: 3.96GB
New Size: 1.67GB
Difference: 2.29GB
Accessories Removed:

Games-Game Explorer
Games-Inbox Games
Games-Premium Inbox Games
Mobility Center
Speech Support
Welcome Center
Windows Sidebar and Gadgets

Drivers Removed:

Diva Server
All Printers
QLogic Fibre Channel Adapter
Fax Support
Floppy Disk Support
Modem Support

Languages Removed:

All But English

Features Removed:

Media Center
Media Metadata Handler
Music and Video samples
Photo Metadata Handler
Sample Pictures
Windows Photo Gallery
Connect to a Network Projector
Internet Information Services (Use Apache)
Windows Collaboration
Computer Browser
Error Reporting
Quality Windows Audio Video Experience
Windows Remote Management
Windows Search
BitLocker Drive Encryption
Digital Locker
Guided Help
Malicious Software Removal Tool
Manual Install (Setup.exe)
Microsoft Agent
Natural Language
Parental Controls
Run a legacy CPL elevated
Security Center
Software Quality Management (SQM)
User *** Control (UAC)
Windows Defender
Windows Easy Transfer
Windows Ultimate Extras


DEP (Data Execution Prevention) = Enabled only for OS components (Optin)
Paging Executive = Disabled
Power scheme = High performance
Power button = Shutdown
Hibernation = Off
Show hidden files and folders = Yes
Show protected operating system files = No
Show extensions for known file types = Yes
IE Phishing Filter = Disabled
IE Phishing Verification Ballon Tips = Disabled


Total Download:

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