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Ghost Windows XP SP3 Game Edition 2009 AAO & Sata, SSD Drivers | 520.48 MB

Ghost Windows XP SP3 Game Edition 2009 AAO & Sata, SSD Drivers | 520.48 MB

The modified version with the SSD and Sata drivers for the HDD and SSD drives, MD5 Updated. The special lightweight, fully working version of Windows XP, which is suitable for installation as fast workstation, and as a gaming machine. Wind really letatet at Aser Aspire One 110! (disabled all unnecessary services (processes will be minimal), remove unnecessary drivers, help build the program, etc.). Optimized for use with mobile devices and the network (Skype, video, network drives, etc.)

The advantages compared with the normal version of Windows:

- Windows will be licensed! Will be authenticated on the website of Microsoft

- Integrated Service pack 3, including all critical updates and patches in 2009 (February)!

- The interface was changed, and as close as possible to the appearance of Windows Vista

- Disable all unnecessary services (processes will be minimal)

- Remove unnecessary driver, references, etc.

- Version Russian corporate, does not require any activation!

- Updates to the DirectX 9.0c August 2008, except for the MDX

- It is integrated in Internet Explorer 7, Windows Media Player 11 Russian Edition

- Added many small interesting фич

- The speed of the pleasantly surprise you

- A universal driver Bluetooch, integrated into Skype (for owners Bluetooch suite)

- A last complete set of video codecs (verified to work with HDTV format – without brakes HD 720p

Video: 1280×720, MPEG4 Video (H264), 25.00 fps turns beautifully on HD 1080p Video: 1920×816, x264, 23.976 fps, ~ 8.7 Mbit

there is a slight sinking of sound – do not have enough speed to SSD screws)

- Complete the final Service Pack 3 and updated since its release

- New legal key

- Internet Explorer 7 Russian version

- New tviki

- Sata drivers for hard disks.

- Fixed bug with disabling DEP (Data Execution Prevention)

- A system to authenticate to Microsoft

- Recognizes and fixes the “memory could not be” READ “, encountered in the assembly version of Zver

Who needs WiFi – enabled by default in the properties of Network Neighborhood, go to the activation of the network environment and activate.

Installation instructions:

The image of a program Norton Ghost, almost a full analog of Acronis True Image, with the exception of one significant plus – for the download to флешку do not want to download huge distribution programs like Acronis True Image weighing more than 100 meters, enough to run a small utility (included in the archive Program), which format and prepare флешку to unpack this archive to read and then connect our флешку and run the file Setup.cmd, open window Hit any key point in the English keyboard layout Klava drive letter stuck флешки and Hit Enter, the program automatically format it and make it bootable, followed again Hit any key and exit the program, now in the root of the unpacked file флешки cast an image of Windows XP and boot from it in the Acer Aspire One through F12. Initially, booting from флешки you will be asked to enter the date and time – just 2 times Hit Enter, then type in the name of the keyboard actually boot ghost.exe and Hit Enter. Loading proramma Norton Ghost to install an image on your AAO go to the section on Local tab, select the Partition where we are interested in only two tabs To Image (capture) and From Image (expand the picture), choose From Image, then the program will offer our own select itself snapshot, which we downloaded and continue to indicate which drive we want to deploy (see size) and then ask they say exactly want to deploy a snapshot – to respond positively and get going – in a few minutes you have to add the full set of Windows drivers! To create an image resembling a process set which drive you want to remove the image, where to save and choose the degree of compression, by the way zhmet the program better Akroniksa and works faster.

All good luck to all.

Short description: Windows XP SP3 Game Edition 2009 Russian version 1.0.0 Sata HDD and FlashPoint SSD accelerator Drivers.

Year: 2009

On the basis of: the assembly of VXK

Tablet: not required

File Format: GHO

Size: 520.48 MB

MD5: 5008fdf59c4939fba87a6044b8d7d651


:::::::Change Language for XP:::::::


if this version not is english ,

you can change to English or your language :

How to change Language to English start control panel region and language options (globe shaped icon)

if in classic view

click date, time,region and language options (globe shaped icon)

click region and language options (globe shaped icon)

change both address bars to english

click ok

failing that you might be able to download the english language files from microsoft

PS it is usual procedure in untouched XP

google more about Multilingual User Interface (MUI) Pack installation. (muisetup.exe)

More info:


Total Download:

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