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Bringing Up Bobby 2009 DVDRip XviD

After their parents’ death 12 years ago, James Wyler (Marc Thompson) was left to raise his younger siblings. Andrea, who became an uptight and domineering housewife, moved away to live with her cowed husband Walter. Dennis became a drug-using anarchist, and only Bobby is left at home with James. Bobby, looking for an identity and relationships, prefers to dress Goth and avoid too much interaction at school. James, trying to finish raising Bobby, has put his life and relationships on hold until Bobby is of age. When they need to talk honestly, they dress in random costumes and pull out the “war table,” where they commit to telling truth – no matter what. It’s during one of those sessions that James challenges Bobby to find his own identity and his own faith, or else it will never be real. Two weeks before Bobby’s 16th birthday, James finds out that his sister Andrea is contesting his right to be the executor of their parents’ estate and Dennis comes home from wherever he’s been.

Fifteen year old Bobby Wyler is challenged to figure out who he is and what he believes before life gets complicated. He doesn’t succeed. His parent’s will is read, he falls in love and child services haul off his best friend. Now he must choose the path for his life before his circumstances choose it for him.

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