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99 (2009) DVDRiP XviD

D3Si brings us this bollywood movie titled “99″, which I think looks quite interesting. It’s a comedy / drama with pretty high ratings so far on IMDB, although a low number of voters so you can’t really trust it. The film and current reviews claim it’s a really “fun” watch, and I might give this one a go myself. Make sure to leave a comment if you watched this and let us know what you thought. As the audio is not English, you will need the sub’s which are included in the release (or linked below). Enjoy!

Quality: The beginning of the film is pretty dark so hard to see quality, but the rest of it looks pretty nice so as you would expect from a DVDRip.

Synopsis: 99 is an original story inspired by real events - well, very liberally inspired - it is more fiction than fact. It is the story of two men in two cities, who are bound by a common feeling of always being stuck at ‘99′. They never seem to make it to a ‘century’ - in life. It is an unpredictable and hilarious ride spread over two cities with colorful characters, unbelievable circumstances, small-time crooks, big-time conspiracies, fateful car crashes, a briefcase full of money… and a historical controversy brewing in the background!

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